Sunday, September 23, 2007

Charlotte, Day Fifteen - girls in love

Well, Kevin and I both knew that we would love whatever dog we took in to foster. That wasn't very hard to predict. Since I was old enough to catch just about any animal, I found a way to make it mine. Cats, dogs, bugs, worms (hey Oscar the Grouch had a pet one, why couldn't I). My dad used to called me Elly May. My husband calls me Dr. Doolittle.

What we didn't expect was for Seka to love our foster just as much as we do. I've never seen this side of our girl. Until now, she could be classified as a dog snob. She's not antisocial, she just comes off as if she somehow knows her breed is superior to all other dogs we encounter and she doesn't have time for them. No rough housing. No drooling. No jumping. No wrestling. No tug-of-war. That is for all other dogs at the dog park to partake in. Seka hangs back with mom and dad, waiting for us to throw the ball so she can show all the other canines the speed that they will never be able to achieve. I'm not sure where she gets the superiority complex (it's not from her racing record). Maybe I've told her she's the most beautiful girl in the world one too many times.

Now that Charlotte is opening up and becoming a bit more comfortable, I've witnessed the girls playing in the backyard like puppies. PUPPIES! Charlotte on her back - all four feet in the air - with Seka on top of her, mouthing and wrestling like they were litter mates. Seka rarely play bows. This week I've seen both of them chasing each other, play bowing, playing hide and seek behind the hot tub. It's been a riot.

So a warning to all of you potential fosters out there. You may be able to prepare yourself and your heart when you take one in, knowing it will be hard to let the foster pupper go when it is time. But think about how you're going to explain it to your fur baby. I've got to figure this one out!

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pattysea said...

Have you considered keeping Charlotte?? Or is that not an option with fostering.