Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honor Roll

I've never been a bumper sticker kinda girl. It is true that at every greyhound event I go to, my car is one of the very few without a greyhound-something stuck to it. But if I were to put a bumpersticker on my car, I would absolutely get the one that says "My greyhound is faster than your honor student." Don't you think it would look especially awesome when parked in the teacher's lot of a middle school?

On Tuesday, Seka was presented with an award from Dr. Hottie and company. She is officially the Pet of the Month for November 2011. The criteria for such an award is a bit fuzzy, but I've come up with a short list that may be applied for such a prestigious honor:
  • I had the biggest bill of the day on November 1. Pulling six of Seka's teeth surely put us on the top end of that list for Tuesday. 
  • This is the craziest owner we have at our practice and we know she will put this magnet on her car and drive around with it there for the next five years which will result in a lot of free advertising. 
  • We would like to continue to be bribed with sweets when her diabetic cat is boarded, so let's give her something. 
  • Maybe if we give Seka an award she will stop worrying about her having the big C and believe us when we tell her that it is Seka's arthritis causing her to limp. 
In reviewing this list, I realize that all of these reasons for Seka receiving the award have to do with me. Seka is okay with that. She says they told her the reason why she got the award is because she is the easiest patient they have. I'm sure they wish her mother was the same.

In leaving the office Dr. Hottie took a picture of me and Seka. He didn't mention what he was going to do with it. Kev thinks he keeps pictures of his "favorite pets"on his phone for personal reasons. I'm guessing it will be up on their Facebook page eventually. It was a great excuse to get Dr. Hottie to pose with Seka so I could have a picture to exploit as I see fit.

Whatever the reason Seka received this title, just like those proud honor students' parents, I snatched that sticker and put it on the back of my car before I pulled out of the parking lot. Take that smart kids!

PS: I was reminded that Seka and I are actually the original Greymates for August. I wonder if Dr. Hottie knew that, we'd get pet of the year?