Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breed Bead

For Christmas last year my mother gave my sister and me a Pandora bracelet. I know, we were a bit behind the times, but it has been fun buying beads for various holidays and special occasions. I'm really not sure what I will do when I have to start thinking about what I will buy for gifts after their bracelet is full. Start another one I guess?

I love my bracelet and the bead selection is nice, but my biggest complaint is their depiction of dogs and cats on their beads. Honestly, they look like Japanese cartoon characters. In fact, it is hard to determine what animal the bead is supposed to represent. The dog, pig, cat, and hedgehog all look way too similar if you ask me.

So today I was lurking around Etsy and I found an amazing polymer clay artist who creates realistic, breed specific, beads that will fit your Pandora bracelet. Nancy Richardson's work is beautiful and soulful. Whether you like the realistic coloring of your favorite breed, or the artistic take on a dog's spirit, you can tell that Nancy has a special connection with her subjects. Sadly, she recently lost her heart dog, Lena and made an amazing piece for her. My favorite of her current offerings - besides the greyhound pendant - is this Great Dane bead set.

I hope she will offer a greyhound bead set soon. If not, I may have to commission one (or two). My bracelet is aching for a new addition.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandogs Rule

Today is Grandparents Day.

I don't think we had that holiday growing up, so it really isn't on my radar, but according to the Hallmark store, today is the day we celebrate our grandparents. My grandparents have long passed away and Kev's grandmother, Mem, just recently passed at the age of 93. So instead of purchasing a card, which really wouldn't do much good, this blog post will have to do.

I didn't grow up close to my grandparents. They lived eight hours away and I though of going to their house as a place to go on vacation (which is what we always did). Despite the distance, my PawPaw would write letters and cards to me - many of which I have. My NaNa taught me to quilt, something I still enjoy doing.

Kev's Mem was an important influence in his life. Until he was married, she sent care packages regularly. Some of these had a pan of her homemade frozen lasagna inside (dry ice). She loved and nurtured him as if she was his own mother and all of his friends thought Mem was the best ever.

Since we are childless by choice and married for 10 years, my mother reminds me frequently about how much she would like a grandchild. I remind her that she has 2 grandogs and 2 grandcats. That's a lot of fur love.

Both of our parents spoil our girls, sending them gifts, toys, treats, etc. When Kev's parents came to stay with us on their way to Florida, Roxy stuck to Pops like Velcro. She looks forward to their next visit so she can get some more kootzies and quality nap time. My mother has been known to feed them from the table, which is the only way to Seka's heart.

So today, the grandogs wish their grandparents close and far a very Happy Grandparents Day.