Monday, August 8, 2011

Dirty Dog

My girlfriends and I used to make prank phone calls when we had sleep overs. Nothing nasty or dirty - well, maybe a couple were PG-13 - but most were just calling a cute boy and hanging up when they answered. I'm guessing now days kids have a much harder time pulling off a good prank phone call. Caller ID has totally ruined the art of prank calls and the hang up.

I guess Seka would prefer to make dirty prank phone calls since she obviously has the art of heavy breathing down - all be it a bit too fast to qualify for pervert status. Now if she could only convenience the cat to dial the phone for her.

BTW - this was taken just after she had her nails trimmed at the vet and we were waiting on Roxy to finish up. Seriously, people in the waiting room were staring at her incredibly loud panting. You would have thought she was having a doggie heart attack. Drama queen.