Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life's a Beach

I will never forget when I got my first adult, full-time job one of my new co-workers said to me -"I hope you enjoyed your last spring break. You'll never have another." Sigh. I guess that is true for most people. Although when you're married to a teacher, you celebrate that week every year - no exceptions. And we celebrate by going to the spring training home of the Red Sox, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Usually we board the girls with some awesome greyhound people outside of Tampa and three days into our trip I'm missing them so badly we usually leave early because I can't stand it any more. Yep, I'm that crazy lady. 

This year, for the first time ever, the girls celebrated spring break with us at the beach. After teaching her how to swim last summer vacation, we knew Roxy enjoyed prancing in the waves. Seka was still apprehensive when we went on our first jaunt down Fort Myers Beach, but she soon embraced her inner beach bum and realized when you're all wet, you stay cool. 

We loved letting the girls spend time each morning with their grandparents who don't get to see them. We loved meeting tons of new people who were attracted to us thanks to our skinny bitches (yes, one woman called them that to their face). We loved how a family from the mid-west with their two pre-teen boys waited for us every morning, bringing out crackers, peanut butter and water for the girls. We loved watching Roxy charm everyone with her smiles and silly wave jumping. We loved watching Seka plop down in the water and allowing the waves that she was once terrified of, wash over her. We loved having our sandy girls in bed with us at night - well maybe not the sandy part.

 I think the consensus is, greyhounds should celebrate spring break too.