Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's A Good Thing

I was an early Martha Stewart fan. Pre-orange jumpsuit Martha. If you asked my college roommates, they would tell you I worshiped her. I memorized every page of Martha Stewart Living. I saved every issue. I bought her fabulous Weddings editions, even when I didn't have a wedding to plan. I forced my friends to try just about every crafty idea published each month. I made everything from wreaths to cookies. When Martha went to prison, my girlfriends sent me sympathy cards, and I knitted a version of the poncho she created while incarcerated.

I mentioned before that I come from a crafty family. Knitting is my thing. I think it's in my genes as my grandmother could create anything and one of my aunts is a master knitter (yes, there is such a thing). For as long as I have been knitting, I've wanted to make a greyhound. There are plenty of crochet patterns for life-sized and toy greyhounds. I've even bid on a finished one at an auction. However, I really wanted to find a pattern to knit one of my own.

I Hate Toast sent me a pattern for a knitted mini-greyhound and totally renewed my knitting mo-jo. I created this little bugger from the HotDiggerdy Dog pattern in just three nights of knitting and one long evening of seaming. It was the perfect compliment to my Winter Olympics viewing.

The funny thing is, while I was knitting the girls could have cared less about the knitted mini-me creation. But once he was all stuffed and seamed together, I had to watch them like a hawk or else this little guy would have been shaken and disassembled in about one minute. My girls are very careful with their toys. Only a couple in their stash lack squeakers (all due to visiting dogs), and they have never disemboweled a stuffy. But for some reason, this little guy has their number, and I've caught Roxy and Seka prancing around with him in their mouths getting ready to move in for the kill.

I need a name for him, and I think I will take junior with me on vacation to remind me of my girls.  It's a good thing.

P.S. Seka has demanded a black version so that she will be represented as well.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Viva La Greyhound!

Yep, I've neglected the blog once again. Life has gotten in the way and I've not made time for my online baby. Maybe I can make it up to the "Interworld" by sharing this website promoting dog and cat world domination

Obey the Purebreed has so much fun stuff that you will find yourself browsing through breeds you don't even like. And this site is more than just cool, propaganda-inspired artwork. The writing is great on each breed page:

"The Greyhounds might at times appear lazy, but the Department of Homeland Security has reason to believe that they are simply storing energy, so that when the time comes, they will be ready to launch their world domination plot. 

When the Greyhounds take over the world, will you be spared as one of 'the lucky ones?'"

So do yourself a favor, head over to Obey the Purebreed and prepare for the inevitable with some awesome SWAG.