Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kitty Survivor

The tribe has NOT spoken! Sam returned to us thirsty, hungry, dirty and tired at 12:30a this morning. Who knows what she has been through. She hasn't left our side since her late arrival. Thank you for all of the kind thoughts, prayers and white light that you guys sent out. You helped to bring our Sam home.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RIP Boo Radley

I was plowing through books during the summer of 1990, which was pretty typical behavior for me at that age. I had finished my summer reading list plus a few other casual books and found myself on vacation in North Carolina without anything to read. My mom went over to my grandparent's glass front book case that rattled every time you walked near it and pulled out her copy of To Kill A Mocking Bird. From that day forward I've loved Atticus, Scout, and Boo Radley.

My Boo Radley came into my life just after my father passed away in the summer of 1999. Kev thought having a kitten around would cheer up our gloomy home. In walked this sweet, spunky, bundle of joy that was so black she appeared face-less when she closed her eyes. Even her whiskers were black. It was our Siamese cat who gave Boo Radley her name. This sweet little peanut scared the pants off our tough little brown cookie. Eventually, they became best friends.

Yesterday, Boo and her BFF/sister, Sam, went out like they do every morning. Only when I came back to let them in, Boo was laying in the sun, not moving. It appears that the great Boo Radley may have been bitten by a snake, as there was no other trauma to her body. Her sister is no where to be found.

Boo Radley was fat and friendly. She loved everyone: dogs, foster dogs, strange neighborhood cats, foster cats, children who pulled her tail and chased her around the house, and of course her family. We lovingly called her "Donkey" from Shrek due to her swayed back, short legs and swinging belly. Not to mention her delightful personality. 

Boo could often be found sleeping with or on one of the dogs. And if a dog protested, she just gave them a little sideways glance and proceeded to nestle in where ever she liked. The funny thing is, every dog she cuddled with learned to love it. I think it was her exceptional purrrrr that relaxed even the most uptight pup.

Boo and Nomie, whom we lost in 2007, are together now. They were inseparable until Nomie's passing. I can only hope they are waiting for me.

Godspeed Boo Radley. We love you and miss you.

P.S. Please send good thoughts to send Sam home to us. Thank you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Doggie Dentures

I always marveled at my grandparents' "partial plates" soaking at night in the bathroom while I brushed my teeth before bed. I never understood why they didn't keep them in all the time. I always thought you'd want to have your teeth whether you were awake or asleep.

Despite all efforts to keep my girls' teeth brilliant white, my raw-fed youngest now needs two teeth removed. I really don't like the idea of Roxy having teeth pulled, but I know that it is necessary. You see, Roxy never had a dental like most dogs when they are spayed through their adoption group. She had complications during her spay and they didn't have time to fool with her teeth while they were trying to stop the excessive bleeding. Her teeth were gross from day one and we have brushed them, put special stuff in her water, and finally switched to a raw diet to improve both the appearance of her pearly whites and her killer breath. 

Ninety percent of her teeth have improved and at first glance you would think she has an excellent set of greyhound choppers. But pull up the corner of her mouth on each side, you will that her premolars on each side (or maybe they are her molars - I'm not a doggie dentist) that have roots exposed. Upon inspection by Dr. Hottie, it has been decided that they must come out sooner rather than later. 

So the date has been set: July 29. Until then she is on soft food only - no bones, turkey necks, or chicken backs. We're doing antibiotics twice a day for 14 days before surgery. She'll also need pain meds and a different antibiotic after surgery. 

Needless to say, I'm a bit nervous about this whole thing. This will be the first time she is put under after her spay, of which she had a hard time recovering from the anesthesia. I'm nervous about her eating raw food again. I mean how do you chew turkey necks without back teeth? I'm nervous about a secondary infection. I'm nervous about the pain she will be in. I think it may be time to up my anxiety meds. 

Maybe she'll need doggie dentures after all. I guess she'll want me to soak them overnight too. Do they make chicken-flavored poligrip?