Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kindred Spirits

People think I'm crazy when I tell them I have lots of "blogger friends." But it's true. And the great part about it is I've actually met a lot of them in person at various greyhound events. We all share a special bond that walk on four feet and are covered with fur.

So when something tragic happens to one of my friends that is oh so far away from me, it impacts me as well, even if I've never met their silly, wild, funny, muddy, pup. I've loved them vicariously through the musings of their person's blog.

Today, one of my favorite blog friends, Katy, lost her sweet Tamale very suddenly to a stroke. Many of us miss Katy's blog (I Hate Toast) and look forward to her witty comments on our own entries. Katy is one of the most fabulous people I have ever met. And that could be an understatement. So without ever meeting them in person, I know that her hounds are as fabulous. Isn't it said somewhere you are like your dog in some way?

So today all of us who may never have had the joy of actually rubbing Tamale's ears, or bathing all of that mud that she loved to roll in, are mourning right along side Katy. That's what makes blogging so special. It makes the world a bit smaller. It creates kindred spirits across the seas. It ties us to one another in ways we never imagined 20 years ago. It allows us to share our grief and offer support in small ways all over the globe.

Godspeed Tamale.

We love you Katy.