Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breed Bead

For Christmas last year my mother gave my sister and me a Pandora bracelet. I know, we were a bit behind the times, but it has been fun buying beads for various holidays and special occasions. I'm really not sure what I will do when I have to start thinking about what I will buy for gifts after their bracelet is full. Start another one I guess?

I love my bracelet and the bead selection is nice, but my biggest complaint is their depiction of dogs and cats on their beads. Honestly, they look like Japanese cartoon characters. In fact, it is hard to determine what animal the bead is supposed to represent. The dog, pig, cat, and hedgehog all look way too similar if you ask me.

So today I was lurking around Etsy and I found an amazing polymer clay artist who creates realistic, breed specific, beads that will fit your Pandora bracelet. Nancy Richardson's work is beautiful and soulful. Whether you like the realistic coloring of your favorite breed, or the artistic take on a dog's spirit, you can tell that Nancy has a special connection with her subjects. Sadly, she recently lost her heart dog, Lena and made an amazing piece for her. My favorite of her current offerings - besides the greyhound pendant - is this Great Dane bead set.

I hope she will offer a greyhound bead set soon. If not, I may have to commission one (or two). My bracelet is aching for a new addition.


houndstooth said...

Oh why did I find this?! You have hit upon two of my favorite things -- Pandora bracelets and Greyhounds! Now I have to go look! Thank you!

pattysea said...

The butterfly in the pandora collection is unrealistic.

IHateToast said...

no poop. i still get annoyed that my dogs' wii miis are short and yappy. why can't i choose a size and then make them skinny?

jennifersign said...

Oh my God! These beads are so cute. I need to find somejewelry supplies with dog beads.