Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Charlotte - Day Four, I am Velcro

Charlotte is a Velcro dog. And when she is not attached to my leg, she is attached to Seka's side. There is not anywhere she won't follow me and she is very dependent on Seka to show her what is right and wrong, where to go when mom is in the shower, what to do when there is a sonic boom (we live near an air force base), and what should I do with this Kong thing. Seka, so far, is happy to show her the ropes and even share her bed. When she can't find one of us, it's not a pretty sight or sound.

We've made some progress on our obstacles. Check stairs off the list. My back, neck and shoulders thank you, Charlotte. She's walked across the kitchen floor three or four times, tentatively, but successfully with a lot of encouragement. One obstacle that I didn't list originally, but was a big one was using the water bowl. We have a few in the house, but the one that EVERYONE (cats, dogs, bugs, you name it, it drinks from it) in the house drinks from is in the living room and she wouldn't drink from it. Just too scared to go over there and drink. So I was playing butler and bringing her water in bed. But today, she got up and went over to the bowl, no problem. Still, no accidents and she paces and whines to let me know that it is time to go out. I'll introduce the bell training (ring the bell to go outside) next week.

I'll take some video of the girls outside tomorrow if it isn't pouring. They are funny as they go out and soak up the sunshine together. Not too much free running yet. Charlotte isn't quite comfortable yet. But they did some synchronized rolling in the grass today that I wish I had caught on tape. We're going to introduce some toys tomorrow to see how she does. Seka has pulled out every toy she owns (and that's a lot) to show her how they all work, squeak, shake, rattle, roll, etc. It's just a little much for the sweet pea right now.

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