Sunday, September 9, 2007

Charlotte - Day One, the obstacle course

I picked up Charlotte at noon today. She was the only greyhound in the very busy kennel quietly laying down, taking all the activity in. I secretly had hoped she would remember me, but I knew that she wouldn't. The day I had picked her up from her previous owners was traumatic for her, so maybe I should hope she had forgotten all of that.

The ride home was uneventful. She barely turned her head to look at me the whole way home. She was happy to get out of the car and her tail immediately went up and started wagging when she met Seka. Lots of sniffing and happy tails between the two girls. Charlotte stuck close to me, but Seka is a mamma's girl, so she was right next to her too, which I think helped calm her nerves. After a short walk, it was time to introduce her to the house.

Obstacle 1: hardwood kitchen floors. Our girl went across these like a champ the first time. We totally took this for granted. Poor Charlotte looked like a deer on roller skates. Needless to say, after she successfully, and slowly, made it across the kitchen, she hasn't tried it again.

Obstacle 2: stairs. We only have 5 stairs that lead down to the back door from the mid-level of our home (we live in a split level home). Again, Seka - from day one - has done stairs like it was no big deal, and she never lived in foster. Poor little Charlotte wouldn't stop shaking when she saw the stairs. Seka and I both tried to help her several times, but the fear is just too much at this point and we're doing some heavy lifting to go down. Going up doesn't seem to be a problem.

Obstacle 3: cats. She was cat tested to be cat safe. I think a more accurate description would be cat terrified. And the cats know it. They swarm her like sharks almost while she is laying down. If she wasn't so scared, it would be funny. There's been no snapping or chop-licking, so we're doing ok in that department.

Obstacle 4: dog beds. She obviously never had a dog bed. We bought her a new one all of her own and she won't go near it. She's totally afraid of it. Seka has shown her how to use every bed in the house so far. She prefers to just lay on the carpet near the bed (that's her in the blue collar). That's a little progress.

Obstacle 5: the pool. We have an in-ground pool and it took Seka falling in it when we moved to this house three months ago for her to learn to stay away from the edge. We knew Charlotte would have to do the same. I just didn't think it would happen on day one. But I guess sooner is better than later and in she went and Kevin went in after her. She still has gone near the edge, but no more dips so far.

Needless to say, she is exhausted after her long day. So am I. I'll give the bedtime report tomorrow. Wish us luck.

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