Saturday, September 15, 2007

Charlotte - Day Seven, tunder really stinks

It's official - Charlotte hates thunder. HATES IT. I've noticed the following pattern in just the last couple of days:

She becomes a little weather dog hours before a storm comes in, ears perking up at every noise. Then, the pacing begins as she looks out every window searching for something that I cannot hear or see and nothing seems to calm her down. Then as the first rumbles of thunder are heard in the distance, the whimpering and shaking begins. As the storm gets closer, the real crying begins and she suddenly wants to become a lap dog (as seen here, please excuse the laundry). It's not enough to be close to you if the storm is bad. She wants to be in your lap and NOTHING will stop her.

Since the real weather man predicted that the weather was going to be really bad here on Thursday and Friday, and grandma was coming over to dog sit on Friday night because we were at Chastain Park seeing Stevie Wonder (yes, it was AWESOME), I decided to give her some Rescue Remedy (or Drama Drops as I like to call them). They don't work for Seka very well, but they really seemed to help Charlotte quite a bit. She still cried through the storm, but the shaking was minimal and she didn't tackle anyone. So, the good news is the thunder phobia seems to be manageable. We're still working on the slick floors and playing with toys though.

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IHateToast said...

do you think it's really the storm or could it be the womb?

i see evidence of womb-jacking when i get up. they know it's off limits, but at night, the bi-peds are not on sentry duty.

our womb also stores laundry. i hate laundry. i'm okay with just getting it from the womb or couch. embrace it.

by the way, nice 'tocks tuck.