Saturday, October 6, 2007

Charlotte - Day 28, I must be dreaming

Charlotte's racing name was Daydreaming. Several times today I believe she looked up and me and asked me to pinch her, just to make she she wasn't dreaming as we attended SEGC/SEGA's annual Greyfest. To say that Charlotte and Seka had the time of their lives today, would be an understatement.

We had an early start for our two-hour drive to Newnan for the festival, which I didn't think would be a problem for Charlotte. She is usually up early and ready and raring to go. A total morning girl, which Seka isn't all that fond of. Maybe it was the fact that mom and dad were up until 2a watching the Red Sox beat the Angles with a walk-off home run by Manny in the bottom of the 9th, but neither of the girls wanted to get up this morning and get going.

Kevin and I were a little concerned about Charlotte being too scared to really enjoy her time at the farm today, but she totally proved us wrong. The ex-pen test we did in the living room earlier in the week scared her to death, but today, she jumped right in like a champ. She and Seka looked so cute in their matching scarves that my mom made for them and by the end of the day, when we walked away from the ex-pen and came back and it looked like we might let them out, they had a happy tail fight they were BOTH so excited to see us.

Greyfest really is an extremely special time each year. The connection the greyhound community has is amazing and the dogs themselves seem to have a special connection - as if they all know each other somehow on the racing circuit and are happy to see each other again, now that they are not competitors that is.

I loved waiting in the Blur of Fur line with both of the girls hearing proud owners talk about how nervous they were to see their dogs run. I have to admit, Kevin and I were as well. I loved manning the sign up sheets for the greyhound contests for the morning, hearing people decide whether or not their dog would have a chance at the longest nose or softest fur. Don't worry, I will not report any stage moms to Dr. Phil. They are our fuzzy children who carry our love and our pride with them at all times.

Speaking of Blur of Fur - Charlotte ran 44 mph and Seka improved on her time from last year and ran 42 mph.

Thanks to those of you who read our blog and found us at Greyfest. It is always cool to know that someone is actually reading what you're putting out there. Seka always loves the extra pats and Charlotte is learning to like the attention (well, tolerate it right now).

Like many other attendees, our car ride home was a quiet one. Our evening has been one of watching both girls rest and dream of their day at the farm. How can we tell? When they both fall asleep with smiles on their faces, where else have they been all day but greyhound paradise!

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pattysea said...

Loved reading about my "grandgreys"! Seems Mom and Dad enjoyed the day, as well.