Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Very First Yappy Hour

We had a crowd of greyhound lovers and Greymates calendar fans at today's yappy hour/media event at the Five Season's Brewery in Atlanta. Many wanted to have their calendars autographed and pawtographed by the Greymates themselves, (there were 10 of us who were in attendance today). It was a lot of fun and we caused quite a scene. We caused many customers from inside the restaurant to come outside and check out what was going on. I mean, who could resist 20+ well-behaved greyhounds lounging around while their owners eat - well that at posters of naked women plastered around the beer garden?

There were greyhounds of all shapes and sizes there today. Some that were newly adopted and out on their very first SEGA outing with their forever family. Others were there shopping for a forever home. Some were there to get extra pets and love, like this strapping chap that saddled up next to me for most of the afternoon.

Others had the chance to show off their tricks they have been working on like this handsome boy (I'm so bad at names, but I do love that his collar perfectly matches his fawn coloring.). I asked Seka to take some notes (she's hopeless at tricks) but she was much more interested in the treats they had than watching how he earned them.

Seka loved hanging out with other Greymate men, Tuck (in bow tie below), Walter (handsome 13 yo brindle) and Canoe (not pictured). Interesting that she hung out with all the boys today. Maybe it was their bow ties? What a flirt. Beautiful white and fawn Ginger (pictured with Walter below) found her way over to our table to flirt with the boys too. The bow ties made those boys simply irresistible.

As far as two-legged friends go, Seka enjoyed spending time today with her favorite photographer, Starr (thanks for the free babysitting, I'll return the favor someday). And her favorite designer Kimberly.

Back on the home front, Charlotte hung out all day with Dad watching football and cheering on the Patriots to a big win over Dallas today. Seka was worn out after her long day meeting and greeting all her fans. So she joined in all the laziness at the house. And I managed to find room in the chair to grab a 20 minute nap. The girls are still napping as I write this, four hours later. Oh, to be a greyhound!


pattysea said...

Loved the commentary and pictures.I can't wait for my calendar to arrive. The "girls" look so darn cute curled up on the chair, napping.

thebellagreyhound said...

Will the hounds autograph calanders that are coming all the way to Australia for me and Katy! We can't wait to get them!

Ihatetoast said...

the calendars arrive on the 12th at 7:30! so excited!