Monday, October 22, 2007

What's In a Name?

We went to eat at one of my favorite burger joints - Steak n Shake - the other night on a whim. We crated the girls with their kongs and off we went for a romantic meal of chili and fries (yum). Well, we got there and a couple of things immediately reminded us of our girls at home.

The waitress' name was Charlotte, although she pronounced it in some other way - like the accent was all in the wrong place. I did check her name tag twice and it was spelled the normal way. I wish I could have recorded the way she said it.

While checking out the on-table advertising, we noticed the use of the word MILKSHAKES spelled backward on a table tent advertising spooky Halloween milkshakes. SEKA-HSKLIM! Ok, so it's a reach. But when you have a dog whose name is never spelled out on the gift store pencils at the museum after a field trip, you develop a keen eye for spotting her name on anything. Even now I wish I had snagged the darn table tent and slipped in in my purse!

I have no idea what Seka's name means. The only reference I can find to the name via Google search is a porn star from the early 1980s named Seka. According to Wikipedia, she was very popular in her day - she even appeared on Oprah in 1986! In her biography it says "She later adopted the screen name Seka from a Serbo-Croatian term of endearment for a little girl, similar to "little sweetheart" or "little darling." That fits our Seka just fine. But I guess since she is a porn dog, it also fits that we're both nude in a calendar!

Check out the girls' new coats! I saw them and had to get them. It's so hard to find Red Sox stuff that fits them. I got them from Amy over at WarmWaggs. They are fantastically made and the price is great. Plus, Amy is SUPER nice. Check out her coats on E-bay and order one for your chilly hound today.

Here's Kevin with both of them celebrating the Red Sox win over the Indians and preparing to cheer them on over the Rockies in the World Series. Go Sox!


pattysea said...

As a Red Sox fan, I LOVE it!!!
I have sent the picture along to friends. FABULOUS!!!!

pattysea said...

I think the picture of Seka and Charlotte lounging around in their Red Sox gear would make a great Christmas card. GO SOX!!!