Friday, June 8, 2012

Amber Opal

Senior greyhounds are special - we all know that. There's something about that gray face and wise eyes that makes your heart melt. When Amber Opal (aka Amberly) came into my friend Amy's life she had lived a full life at 9.5 years old. Full as in 20 pounds overweight full. Amber didn't really look like a greyhound at first, but make no mistake, that sweet old face was one of a former racer - tattoos and all.

Amberly settled right in with Amy and her family. She made herself right at home in her daughter's bed in less than a week. Her new pack buddy, Josephine (a senior herself), loved showing her the ropes of country living and they became fast friends. She also adapted well to her weight loss plan and soon took on her appropriate shape.

Amberly began doing therapy visits with Seka just a few months after arriving in her forever home. Amberly seemed to know who needed love in some way totally unknown to us humans at the other end of the leash. She was a good therapy dog.

When her family went away, Amberly came to stay with my pack. During Amber Camp, Roxy had a fellow brindle to hang round. Even at 12 years old, that girl loved to play with a stuffy and trot around the yard with Roxy. And let's not forget that she was a stick magnet. If there was a stick anywhere in the yard, she could find it and be chewing on it in a matter of seconds. I could go out and clean up all of the sticks in my yard and she would still manage to find one to chomp on.

Amberly went over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday at the ripe old age of 14.5. We will miss that silly old girl. Godspeed, sweet Amberly. I know you and Josephine are playing the day away together right now.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

No doubt taking 20 lbs off of Amberly increased her longevity. Godspeed, Amberly!

gyeong said...

Jeez, I did not see that coming. Thought it was a post about adopting a senior or something. What a sweet girl. Run free!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for writing this, Heather. Amberly loved her camp week with y'all every year. We are still trying to deal with the emptiness that surrounds all of her favorite spots at our house. I keep trying to fix her bowl twice a day. My younger girls, Ava and Lucy, are always looking for her. No doubt, Amber was one of the sweetest dogs that ever lived, and we miss her so very much. Hope your pack is doing well, and thank you, again.

Jana A (@jana0926) said...

Awww, Heather. And now I'm crying again. Amber was a special dog and lived with the most special family I know! xoxo

Witty Angel said...

What a beautiful way to describe a beautiful dog. 14.5 years is a very respectable age. She accomplished a lot in her time.

IHateToast said...

I'm glad Amy had her years with Amber, but no matter how long she had, it's always too soon to lose a friend. I'm sorry. May her heaven be full of fat, slow bunnies.