Thursday, June 21, 2012


I didn't suck my thumb as a kid. I had a pacifier and one day when I was three my Cookie Monster stuffed animal came to life (with the help of my father) and ate it because he thought it was a cookie. That's how I lost my binky. My sister sucked her thumb and in exchange for her stopping at the age of six, she got a color TV for her bedroom. Yeah, it still doesn't sound fair to me either.

While I was working yesterday afternoon I could hear a weird sound coming from the area where Roxy was sleeping. Usually when there are weird noises in the house they are coming from Emma, who at 15 makes lots of strange sounds in general. But tiny E was nowhere in sight. Upon closer inspection I find that Roxy is sucking on one of her toes in her sleep.

She always sleeps like a contortionist, but I'd never caught her doing anything like this. If this is a new habit, I wonder if she will demand a new HDTV for her kennel in exchange for quitting.


KT said...

She's so cute she can have whatever she wants! :)

gyeong said...

She couldn't resist the smell of Fritos :)

IHateToast said...

Girlie, you got screwed! There's no statute of limitations on fairness. Demand compensation. Surely a lifetime of ------ (you decide) is what you deserve.

Don't you suck the salt off Fritos before you chomp?