Sunday, June 3, 2012

Circle of Life

On Tuesday my girls caught their first bunny. Now, for some of you, this isn't a big deal. Your greyhounds chase and catch just about anything. For my girls, this was a notable achievement for two reasons:

  1. My girls rarely chase ANYTHING in the yard - squirrels, bunnies, cats, opossums, armadillos. We have all of these critters in our back yard at some point during the year and the girls rarely take after any of them.
  2. Seka has an old, broken down hip and missing toes and Roxy is rarely allowed to do anything unless Seka - aka the Fun Police - says it is okay. It's never okay.

So I'm sure the sweet little unsuspecting bunny who was eating grass in our back yard absolutely thought he could scoot through the fence before two broken down greyhounds could get to him. Well, bunny thought wrong.

Seka made the grab and shake. Roxy chose to run around with the trophy showing it off like she had won Wimbledon. Luckily, the carnage was pretty contained and quick. After the initial celebration they could have cared less about Russell (that's what I named him - yes I name every animal including the incredibly large rat that lives in my shed. His name is Artie.). I started to take a picture of their prize, but I thought it would be disrespectful and I'm sure PETA would throw paint on me or something.

But a funny thing happened, Roxy had bunny remorse. She went upstairs, curled up in the floor and wouldn't come down until I coaxed her down with the promise of dinner. While I'm sure other dogs would immediately go back to the site of the take down, Roxy wouldn't go near that part of the yard for days. I guess she was sad for little Russell too.

Seka on the other hand napped all afternoon and then when she got up I realized she had dislocated her toe pretty badly. A trip to Dr. Hottie the next day, a reset toe (the dislocation between P1 and P2 actually poked out through the skin), a cool bandage and we're as good as new.

Instinct is an incredible thing. And even if you know better, sometimes you just can't help yourself. Maybe Roxy felt guilty about her celebratory lap. Then again, maybe not. She's almost caught three squirrels in the last three days. On second thought, I like to think she let them escape and just enjoyed the thrill of the chase. She is a sensitive little thing.


gyeong said...

Can't fool Biology. That instinct is hard-wired. I guess the real test will be the next bunnt that comes in the yard. We stopped feeding birds because of all the squirrels it attracted which eventually led to Stanley's dislocated toe during a chase.

Mad Red Hare said...

Poor bunny. I guess they never learn. Sadie dislocated her toe several times, but never while trying to catch the fuzzy bunny. Crazy. Hope the toe heals quicky.

houndstooth said...

I suspect that Bunny and Blue would be all about the chase, too. The kill, not so much. They're both just too girly for that!

Jen said...

Come to think of it, i don't know if Elka has ever seen a rabbit. Squirrels, she'll occasionally woof at, and started to chase one this afternoon, on leash after she eliminated. She stopped herself before she even got to the end of the leash.

She seemed totally sad the one time she killed a moth, though. She's just fascinated by flying things.

Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

Seems like one of those moments when getting what you want isn't all you thought it would be. Bunnies beware!

IHateToast said...

Bunnies aren't legal in Queensland. I can't see how they stop at the border, but maybe it's the idea of Qld greyhounds waiting for them.