Thursday, July 3, 2008

Three Isn't a Crowd

If two's company, and three's a crowd, what are four and five?


Try to contain your laughter.

It's an old joke that I still remember from my Golden Books. My father read to me every night before bed until I was six or seven, and then I read to him. Once I got into chapter books, I read myself to sleep and woke up eager to pick back up where I left off the night before. As an English minor, I read lots of books, sermons and poems, most of which I barely remember. It's funny what sticks with you from those first books you read snuggled up next to your dad just before you doze off.

I thought about this kid's joke as Amber Opal (Amberly) arrived on Tuesday night for an extended stay at our home while her family enjoys some time at the beach. Ten-year-old Amberly recently had her toe removed due to an old injury that just wouldn't heal and since we have LOTS of experience with bad feet around here, it just seemed like a good fit.

It's no shock that Roxy has taken on Amberly as her special project, sticking by her side throughout the day. It's really sweet to see them both together. Looking at Amber for us is kind of like a sneak peek into what Roxy might look like when she is a senior, with an all white face and shuffling gait.

For now, the two brindles (or brunettes as I call them) pal around together inside and outside, each taking their cues from the other. If Amberly sees something to explore, Roxy is by her side. If Roxy takes off running, Amberly trots right behind. Seka continues to be above the fray as she monitors their behavior, stepping in when she believes it is necessary and leading the charge if she feels they are losing their way. After all, black dogs are superior.

Kev and I laugh about how these three dogs, who weigh in at a combined 185 lbs (give or take a few), are less trouble and take up a lot less space underfoot than my mother's three miniature schnauzers who have a combined weight of 57 lbs. When it comes to greyhounds, three is certainly not a crowd. In fact, it might be the perfect number.


Anonymous said...

seka doing the dog version of "oh you're soooo immature."

Anonymous said...

GBD - The perfect number is 6! We used to think it might be three, maybe four.....possibly five, but 6 is the magic number!

Kennel/Dog Show Mule @

pattysea said...

Is Seka being left out or is she the snob dog? She does seem to have some aloofness about her.

Patti said...

I tell you - they can see colors. When my BFF comes over with her four, she has two brindles who hang together and her red fawn hangs with my red fawn. As well, my two white and reds hang together. The BFF and her husband also recently adopted a cow dog (B&W). Unfortunately, she'll have to be a loner, with no "like" buddy to hang with as there are no plans in my future for a 4th!