Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second Child Syndrome

My sister is getting married in September and at her most recent bridal shower, we were joking about how she and her future husband, like most second children, do not have a baby book. My mom and dad, like almost every parent in the world, did everything by the book when I was born. As the oldest child my growth was documented at the K-mart photo gallery each month, my baby teeth and locks of hair were saved and the shoes that I took my first steps in were even bronzed (something that was fashionable in the late 70s). All of these mementos were collected, organized, labeled and carefully placed in a baby book to be used against me at some point during my life. My sister on the other hand has shoe boxes full of baby stuff to look through.

I guess Roxy and my sister have something in common. While I didn't forget her birthday, I failed to document it here. On June 20, the Rox-A-Roni turned four years old and we celebrated in the back yard with tasty turkey necks. Who needs cake and ice cream when you can have raw poultry cartilage that's good for your teeth too?

When I was preparing their meal I was a little shocked at the size of these turkey necks. I couldn't imagine the size of the Godzilla fowl these things came from. I think they might have been bigger than the dogs themselves at one time. I just kept thinking about these mammoth turkeys roaming free, waddling around and my dogs lying in wait in the bushes just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make their move; only to get within 10 yards of the giant gobblers to realize their super-size and turn and run the opposite direction with the turkeys chasing them. It's a bad greyhound cartoon that played in my head as they devoured these turkey necks. It was something to help me drown out the sound of crunching cartilage.

What they don't know is that this turkey neck meal is going to become a weekly ritual since I have such a hard time finding fresh marrow bones for them.

So, I guess it is just the second-child's cross to bare no matter if you walk on two legs or four. Happy late birthday Roxy. Tonight I'll give you the bigger of the two turkey necks to make up for it.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Geeze what's with all the raw food postings by everyone lately :-o!
Limo would love to be on the BARF diet, she brought us a partial deer skull once :-x

greytblackdog said...

A deer skull? Now that's impressive. That's like an ant carrying a whole leaf back to the nest to consume.

This isn't my lead in to the BARF diet. I don't have the freezer space to do such a thing. It's my attempt to make sure my girls don't have to have doggie dentures when they become "seniors".

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Heather, the turkey necks are way better for teeth than the marrow bones in my opinion. I don't give out marrow bones anymore after a couple of my dogs broke teeth. Plus turkey necks are almost guaranteed to tighten everything up on the exit end.


Zan said...

Happy belated birthday Roxy!!!!

Careful with feeding any raw food - the pups will be so happy about it that you'll slowly find yourself feeding more and more raw just for their teeth or just for a special meal. Before you know it - well - you're feeding raw!!

Trina said...

Happy Birthday, Roxy.
I have the same sister has a very organized baby book..mine..has a few things written in it.
(oh and to answer your question on my blog..they all just hang out in the house muzzled when we leave..fosters go in a crate..they all just sleep the whole time ;-) )

Anonymous said...

my kids love their necks. i was advised to watch how much they had. that some greys go under the knife with clusters of knuckle bones blocking their poop chutes.

i think the necks look like things usually labeled XXX.

pattysea said...

Happy Birthday, Roxy!!!
As you know, Heather, my second born child received the picture taking, baby book treatment as his older brother.
Matter of fact, Kevin will ALWAYS be my baby boy!!!
Regarding the turkey necks: If you had not identified them, I would have thought Lorena Bobitt was back in business!!!

Patti said...

Where do you find the turkey necks? I wouldn't mind getting some for my girls. They would love them. I, too, have a hard time finding marrow bones and they definitely love those!

As for the baby book, I, too, am a second child. I have one baby picture to my credit. Well, it's the only one I could find anyway.

My older sister was the one who was well documented. She even has her plaster hand print you do in kindergarten. No such luck with me.

I used to argue to my parents that I must have been adopted and all I came with was "the one" baby picture. :)