Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We're Expecting

At my age, I get baby shower invitations and birth announcements all the time. I even got an invitation to a baby "sprinkle" a while back for someone who was having her second child. I guess my husband might be right that women look for any occasion to have a party.

Personally, I think it's just a great excuse to go to a store that allows us to use one of those cool wands to register for gifts. I get a little jealous when I see a happy couple in Target on a weekend afternoon with registry wand in hand, bar-coding away to their hearts desire. You can literally see the little cartoon bubble over the top of their heads envisioning the items going into their imaginary shopping cart. However, it is a little annoying when you are the one showing up to the store and having to print out the registry and it uses so much paper the customer service attendant has to refill the printer at least once and you're forced to walk around the store with a small catalog of your co-worker's virtual nursery.

The thought immediately came to mind tonight as I was making my list in preparation of the arrival of the newest addition to our family. Yes, we are expecting a new little girl, Flat Out Isha, who will come into our home on Saturday. And while I began shopping for supplies in advance of our newest grey, I wished I had one of those wands so I could magically click on some bar codes and have all of these wonderful things show up with all of our friends in tow, beautifully wrapped, served up along side some awesome petifores and pineapple punch (you know the kind with the sherbet floating in it).

I guess the world doesn't really look at expanding your dog family as an opportunity for formal celebration. While in our home, we are all very excited (including Seka) and we will celebrate in our own unique way. I'm sure if I told a little white lie and told the Target people that I was expecting and wanted to set up a baby registry I could totally get my hands on one of those wands. But, I'd be totally busted when I was over in the pet aisle wanding the dog beds, bowls and Kongs.

More on our new girl, who we will call Roxy, this weekend.

PS: Congrats to our friends Joel and Laurie on the birth of their third child, Justin Bryan today - 8 lbs 7 0z, 20.5 inches.


IHateToast said...

ooooh! new dog new dog new dog!

does this mean you'll break her in by going to the park starkers and having your manboy take a photo of you two?

pattysea said...

Sooooooooo, are we going to call the new baby girl by her christened name of "Flat out Isha"?
Or will she have a nickname???
I'm happy she isn't arriving on Super Bowl weekend.

pattysea said...

Seems I was impatient and didn't read the blog to the very end ...
Okay, I see we will call her Roxy.

Patti said...

Too funny! When you told me she was coming home on Saturday the first thought I had was that you need to have a Greyshower and invite all your (or rather Seka's) Grey friends. After my second Greyhound I thought a shower most appropriate and definitely after the third.

Umm, maybe that would be a niche in the canine marketplace that dares to be explored? I've already seen folks who throw doggie birthday parties! My Remi has had several, thrown my myself. One we had 13 Greyhounds in attendance, one black border collie mix, and one white Bichon. Whew, what a time that was!

Anyway, congrats on the new arrival. Can't wait to hear about her and Seka's antics as they become best buds!

gyeong said...

I think a Grey Shower is a great idea. I'm sure Seka is looking forward having a sister to play with. Looks like Roxy was quite a good racer.