Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life with Roxy: Day 1

I'm a person that will do anything not to vomit. At the first twinge of feeling sick, I assume the tried and true fetal position and try not to move until the feeling passes. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten sick in the past 10 years (drinking included). I'm not a puker.

The last time I got sick I was in the car with my in-laws on the way to the airport to fly home from our Christmas visit. Kevin had to get his dad to hurry up and pull over on the side of the highway so I could puke on in a snow bank. Wonderful. Nothing like flying with the stomach flu. I was horribly embarrassed.

I think I have something in common with our new daughter, Roxy. She did great in the car yesterday - for about an hour and a half. I'm sure she was nervous. All the change. Not knowing where she was going. Not knowing what was going on. Plus all the motion of the car. She tried to keep as still as she could to avoid to projectile liquid that inevitably came 40 minutes from home. And boy did it ever come. I couldn't believe that much stuff was in this tiny dog's stomach!

We stopped, let her get out and walk, potty, and recover, while we assessed the damage. Thank goodness for floor mats. After the break she slept the rest of the way home.

She spent the rest of the day/evening exploring her new forever home which includes (in no particular order):
  • Sniffing every corner
  • Practicing the stairs 100 times for no reason
  • Figuring out which door to go to when she needed to go outside
  • Smelling the cats (Boo has even slept on her bed with her already)
  • Watching mom act like a fool as she tries to keep her from falling in the pool
  • Chasing Seka around the yard
  • Checking out her crate
  • Breaking in her new fuzzy bed
So 2008 will be the year of the Roxy. Day 1 has been good, in spite of the dog vomit. Note to mom and dad. When we make our first road trip in two weeks, Roxy gets motion sickness pills. Or I need to teach her how to do the puke-prevention fetal position that seems to work 95% of the time for me.


Christie said...

I'm so sorry she got sick, the poor thing! Your blog is great! I can't wait to keep up with Roxy in her new wonderful life!

pattysea said...

Had forgotten about your vomiting into the snowbank returning to Logan airport; your in-laws never gave it a thought.
Roxy seems to have settled in despite the roadtrip. How's Seka?
Keep the pictures coming. Emily has sent you a note via snail mail.

Maria said...

I am so stoked for you!!!! Congrats on your new baby girl. She is a beautiful soul. I was going to tell you to check out the Alabama girl, Design...but alas! Way to go. Roxy is a lucky girl!!

Patti said...

Hey Heather. I hope Roxy is settling in nicely now that she's probably figured "this is home". That's awful about the car sickness but next time, give her some gingersnaps before the trip. Some say it works (the ginger settles their tummy). Or Dramamine (1/2 tablet).

gyeong said...

We have a defunct inflatable bed under the layers of covers in the back of the wagon. It has saved us a few times during dog hauls. Never know when a hound needs to pee, have blowout, or puke in the back of the car.

Glad to see Roxy is settling in nicely. She doesn't seem camera-shy, so expecting to see lots of pics of her :)

IHateToast said...

oh the poor little sook.

but you have to kinda sorta love starting it all off with a monster case of doting.

poor bugger.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Congratulations on your new girl.

Try very little food or water on her stomach, at least until you hit the expressway. My Sam is no good on surface streets, with all the stops/starts and turns, but he's much better on the expressway. I've been known to withhold breakfast from my duo until we'd been on the road for a while...or get up super-early, feed them, give Sam a Benadryl, then kill a couple of hours before I actually put them in the car.

Sam has convinced himself that he'll be ill. He starts panting and drooling the moment I load him in the car--before I even start the engine.