Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 Things that Scare Me At My New House

Life with Roxy is fun. She is a doll and makes us laugh a lot with her nutty ways. But she's not 100% settled in yet. We know this will take awhile, but it is amazing to compare the things that won't even phase Seka, freak Roxy out to the extreme. So I've compiled a list of things that seem to scare her the most at her new home, so far:
  1. Basketballs: While walking on Sunday we stopped to get some love from the kids across the street. When they went back to their game, Seka wanted to steal the ball from them. Roxy wanted to run and hide from it. I too want to run and hide from sports that require hand-eye coordination.
  2. Loud Trucks: we live with a pretty busy road within eye and ear shot from our back yard this time of year. Roxy has decided that when large trucks go by the safest place you can be is by the back door.
  3. Creepy Noises Mom Can't Hear But I Can: I can somewhat identify with her on this one. When I used to spend the night at my friend Marcy's house in the seventh grade, I used to hear weird noises that kept me awake and that no one else seemed to hear or at least be bothered by.
  4. Birds at the Windows: Maybe its that she gets so excited that she can't contain herself instead of getting scared, but she runs from the window and has to lay down. Maybe she gets the vapors.
  5. When Mom Goes into the Kitchen: well, everyone should be scared when that happens. She doesn't like it when I start banging pans together. Come to think of it, neither do I.
  6. When Mom or Dad Comes Home: it scares her at first, then confuses her, then excites her. So many emotions in such little time.
  7. The Siamese Cat Sam: our 10 year old Siamese cat, Samantha, takes great pleasure in terrorizing all new animals, four- or two-legged, that come into our home. It is no shock that she is scared of her. Everyone should fear her.
  8. Knocking Over the Baby Gate: it also scares mom when she does it at 3am.
  9. Sonic Booms: we live near an Air Force Base and these happen pretty much every day. She goes from a dead sleep to all fours in .2 seconds when a sonic boom occurs. Almost as fast as the speed of sound itself.
  10. The Doorbell on the Pizza Commercial: no really, it drives her nuts. Seka, just rolls over in her cockroach so not to be disturbed by all the commotion.
All of these things will be overcome in time. She's already picking up on Seka's cues on some of these things. Others - like the sonic booms - I'm not sure she'll get over. But who knows, Seka just looks up from her nap after six months of sonic booms and looks at me as if to say, "could you keep it down?" and then goes back to sleep.


pattysea said...

Seems Roxy is settling in nicely.
Apparently, she's not too concerned with her new feline housemates. Keep the pictures and dialog coming, I so enjoy both.

IHateToast said...

last night i had a dream that someone threw a basketball at my face. i log onto google reader and what do i read? roxy has basketball issues. I KNOW! they're big and unforgiving. i'm with her on that one.

i love this stage. the everything go eek stage.

last day on january's page. remind me to tell you why that photo has a special place in my heart.

gyeong said...

It's always funny to see the quirks of each dog as they settle in. Good thing Seka is there to show her the ropes.

Maria said...

OOOOOooooo. Those are scary things. Does she still crack that crazy smile?

Bethanie & Chris said...

Great blog...found it through Gyeong/Genji's Corner, they are friends of ours through VAGA.

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