Thursday, December 17, 2009

She's Crafty

My whole family is crafty. My father could build anything out of wood. My mother can create amazing dolls out of a few rags. My sister can bake and decorate a cake like no body's business. Me, well, I like to knit and most recently I like to sculpt beads out of polymer clay. My crafting time is relaxing to me. I get that creative itch and I have to scratch it.

Maybe that's what Seka has had the last five months while she has been hurting and recovering - a crafty itch. However, hers is the sneaky type. I present to you her latest crafty hobby: hole digging.

Now I would have blamed this behavior on Roxy if I didn't catch Seka in the act yesterday, and I guess I'm still not sure who actually started the hole since I did watch them both take turns making the dirt fly. I almost felt bad for correcting them because they looked like they were having so much fun, but our backyard is not the beach.

Roxy could care less that I covered up the hole, but this afternoon, I caught Seka outside getting the hole back to where they left off yesterday. Needless to say, she is very proud of her dig site - even if it really isn't that big. I can only wonder what she might be after. Roxy did bring me a dead mole one afternoon about three weeks ago. Maybe Seka is trying to match her hunting efforts by digging one up herself? I can only imagine what my silly girl has dreamed up while she was on her rehabbing on the sofa.


IHateToast said...

tamale liked dirt holes, not grass holes. i found that filling and digging up the same hole was enough for her. it's just the digging. by playing the game with one hole, i spared the rest of the yard. she had all the holes under the house she wanted, but only one in the yard.

they're funny when they dig. look at me. i'm so cool. i made a hole. heather thinks her beads are the thing, but look at my yard art. i call it "pit of eternal dirt of the aura from the sekal cube". she's obviously a pretentious thing.

Terri said...

Our German Shepherd sometimes got into a digging phase. We would put a little bit of her poop down the hole and cover it up. Next time she went to dig there, ewww, her own poop! And she's leave it alone. However, I don't know if that would work with greyhounds.

BrittBeah said...

Gypsey started digging small holes that I tried filling in. Now she digs giant holes and I've given up. My back yard is dangerous to walk in if you aren't watching where you are going. Gypsey also eats the dirt out of her holes, weirdo.
Glad GBD is feeling well enough to enjoy herself.

gyeong said...

No hole diggers at my house. They sure looked cute the few times they did do it :)

pattysea said...

My Massachusetts granddog, Louie, is a hole digger beyond belief! I just wonder how deep Seka would dig if you just let her dig away.

Nerice Lochansky said...

Awww, Seka is so cute. Mine don't dig holes at my house but when we go to a friends house, all the pups conspire and start a digging frenzy sometimes! Not sure why, just glad they don't do it here!

Zan said...

Please tell Seka that I'm impressed with her handiwork!!

bbes tribe said...

I happened to see your post about the greyhounds. They are great dogs. We used to have one. She could be quite the digger --usually more of a trench than a hole. Hope you don't mind if we drop by from time to time. Stop by and visit us if you get the chance.
Ernie & Sasha