Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Your Groove Back

Yep. I checked out for awhile. Totally and completely checked out without any warning to my readers. For that, I apologize. I guess I was just sad and just didn't have it in me to write and despite what my husband will tell you - I really don't like to whine.

It wasn't that we didn't do cool stuff in September and October. Quite the contrary. We took the girls for a spontaneous trip to LSU to meet Mike the Tiger, check out Kev's old stompin' grounds and attend the LSU/Vandy game. It started the month of September (aka road trip month) off with a bang.

We attended our first Beach Bound Hounds at Myrtle Beach, SC., and had a total blast playing in the sand, meeting new friends, and drinking, er, hanging out with old ones.

Then we were off to Boone, NC., to see the Mountaineers stomp Ga Southern Eagles.

And through all of this the girls were perfect travelers. Roxy only got car sick once. After all that driving, I would consider this a huge success.

What I didn't realize was lurking was the pain that the GBD was in. Seka put on a brave face through all of our ramblings. Let me put her walking boots on and never turned down the opportunity to go on a car ride, but once we got home and settled down, she went from bad to worse and couldn't/wouldn't walk at all on her 3-toed foot.

Now this wasn't all that strange, as we have had our battles with corns on that foot which caused lameness every now and then, but what worried me was that she lost all interest in being a part of the family. She didn't want to come downstairs. She only wanted to potty in the morning and at night (2 times a day). She didn't want to go for a walk and even turned down car rides. She wasn't my girl.

Off to Auburn we go, after receiving the report from Dr. Hottie that there wasn't anything else he could do for her. X-rays showed nothing. No fever. Corns didn't seem to bother her. They were out of ideas. I cried. I'll admit it.

After a 45 minute exam with Dr. Gillette, he determined that Seka has sesmoiditis in both of the outside toes of her 3 toed foot. This is why, despite her therapaws, pain pills, corn surgery, padding, and treat bribery, she would not use her foot as this injury is very painful, even at rest. So after a steroid shot in both joints, we soak the offending foot 2 x a day in epsom salt, apply heat wraps 2 x a day, and crate rest for the next 14 days. After this time, I scraped the little hard spot from her corn off and the most disgusting puss poured out of the opening. I don't know where this was living, but once it was out of her foot, she has been using it ever since.

Now Seka's got her groove back. And so do I. She's back to playing in the house - something she hasn't done since June! She and Roxy are now running and playing in the backyard - something they have NEVER done. Their games of tag are something I will never get tired of watching. We're taking walks again - still in our therapaws, but she's along for the ride and no longer crying at the door when left behind.

The funny part is that Seka seems to have a new attitude toward life in general. She's spunky, something that she wasn't like before. She's underfoot in the house, curious and more playful than ever before.

Seka's got her groove back - and thanks to her, so do I.


Zan said...

Wow! Glad that story has a happy ending. Sorry she's had such a rough time. We are so lucky to have someone like Dr. Gillette nearby. Please give Seka (and Roxy) scritches for me.

IHateToast said...

I'm so happy that she's back AND better than before. You must've been frightened.

Welcome back GBD and GBD's mummy.

Trina said...

You had me worried half way through that blog. I am so happy for you and Seka!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

So glad she feels much better!

KF-in-Georgia said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better. Hurray for a happy ending!

gyeong said...

Glad to hear that GBD is feeling better! I'm happy when my kids are happy.

BrittBeah said...

So glad she is doing well.

Madeline said...

Wow, Heather, I have been so worried! Please give our new, improved Seka-girl a hug from her "other grandmother." Sandy says "hey!"

Mad Red Hare said...

Yippee!!! That is wonderful news. We have been battling toe woes since October ourselves. We finally got our groove back about 2 weeks ago as well.

Anonymous said...

I was frequently checking here to see what was up with my granddogs. Nothing, nothing and more nothing. I have to admit I was holding my breath, hoping for a happy ending. PHEW!!! The the gals a hug from Mem and Pops!

pattysea said...

Hey Heather,
Don't know why my comment from yesterday was posted as "anonymous"; but, I'm sure you realized it was me from the conversation. Geeeeeeeeeez!!!!
Talk to you soon.