Friday, February 15, 2008

Fan Mail

Back in the "olden days" - that would be before e-mail - superstars of all shapes, sizes and disciplines received bags and bags of fan mail. I always wondered how they managed all of that. Obviously they didn't read it themselves. I mean if you have people to walk your dog, run your errands, clean your house and clothes, and powder everything from your nose to your toes, you're not going to read for yourself either.

I think I would have made a great fan mail manager. Not to mention it would be so much fun to get paid to read someone else's mail every day. Reading letters from adoring teenagers. Single women who remember being way prettier than they are in reality (these are the ones who would include scantly clad photos). Letters from prisoners who have little else to do but send letters to celebrities. All of which need some sort of response, even if it is a canned one. You can't let your most adoring fans think that their favorite star doesn't appreciate their sentiment. In today's world, all they do is set their fan mail in-box on auto reply and it sends back some stale, auto response and you know instantly that no one will actually ever read the message that crazy fan took all that time to craft. But back when you could send a letter to your favorite band or actor, there was a chance they might actually touch it. Even if only by accident.

Thanks to Roxy, I may be able to live out my fantasy of becoming fan mail manager through her as she has started to receive some fan mail of her own. No it's not because of her fabulous racing record that we're receiving letters from all those old duffers at the track in West Virginia who won it big thanks to her speedy box to wire wins. Roxy has a special admirer in Massachusetts who can't wait to see more pictures of her on this site. So, Roxy took this special modeling shot just for Emily.

And it's even pawtographed - well, it's a pawtograph copy. But what do you expect? She doesn't have time to sign every request with her busy napping schedule.


pattysea said...

As "Mem" to Emily and Roxy, this is great!!! I've sent it along to Emily and now we await her reaction. If you know Emily, it should be a doozie!!!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey! this is a family blog. keep it clean. where is the black strip across that chest?

thebellagreyhound said...

OMG my old girl Mollychops use to sleep like that! I have never seen another grey do it!