Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Puppy Envy

I've admitted it before, and she proved it true once again this weekend. Seka is a dog snob. She has nothing to do with any other breed of dog other than a greyhound. It is almost as if she doesn't recognize them as dogs, just as another furry thing that somehow exists in the universe and should never invade her space.

I'm not suggesting she's mean. She'll stand there and let every little dog jump up and inspect what's going on in her mouth. I've seen a whole litter of kittens use her tail as a toy, with teeth and claws extended while she just lays there. And she tends to watch the other big dogs at the dog park wrestle and chase, while she fetches her ball and steers clear of drool from "the others."

But this weekend one of those furry aliens invaded our home and needless to say Seka wasn't all that thrilled, but in true Seka style, she got over pretty quickly. We babysat our friend Ashley's nine-week-old mini-Pomeranian puppy over the weekend. His name is Prince Bailey, totally appropriate if you ask me. He looks like a cross between an Ewok, bunny rabbit and one of those Furbies that were popular in the early 1990s. No matter what you call him, he was darn cute.

We played for a few hours in the floor, while Seka safely watched from her favorite chair. He found the toy basket and dragged out every toy Seka has, every one of which was bigger than he was. I have to admit it was impressive to watch him drag around Seka's Kong which out weighed him by about 3 lbs. Every time Seka wanted to get down to get water or go out, she would look at me or Kev and wait until we picked up the little guy so he wouldn't chase her skinny legs, nip at her tail or accidentally get stepped on.

While Bailey was taking an afternoon nap on Saturday, we went to the local SEGA meet-n-greet. We showed up for the last hour since the darn corn on Seka's back foot is giving her trouble again and standing on hard floors gets hard after three hours for her. Most everyone had left due to the crummy weather, but she hung out with handsome Binder and met some nice families and educated people and how perfect greyhounds are. She even bought Bailey a Kong his own size - I mean any good Southern host buys a gift for their guest to make their stay more comfortable.

While Bailey Boy is super cute and a really good dog, a small dose of a puppy is all I needed. I haven't been around a puppy in a long time, but I haven't forgotten how much work they are. Whew! I'll take my couch potato any day. Someone hit that snooze button.

PS: Eagles are State Champs again. And App State are National Champs again. Great football weekend!


pattysea said...

Sorry, but Prince Bailey looks like something the cats spit up!!! Why have a dog that size when you can have a maintenance free cat.
Seka is more my kinda dog!!!
Will the vet have to tend to the corn on her paw???
Anyway, Happy Holidays!!!

IHateToast said...

tamale is uninterested in adult big dogs. she likes little ones. not to chase, just to lick. puppies? probably not. too wired for her.

she also likes black lab bitches. humps them. only labs. only black. only the leddeeez. i think she'd go for seka. you never know. she does like her own kind. warped things.

maybe they're so imprinted that other dogs aren't really dogs to them.

what a cute ball of fluff. not really a dog. no way does that thing poop.