Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holidays offer a lot of fun traditions. Shopping. Presents. Consuming more sweets in a weeks time than you have all year. It's all a part of December that most everyone looks forward to, myself included. But for me, the best part of the holiday is making the daily trip to the mailbox, ignoring the bills and opening our holiday cards.

Now pretty much everybody we know has children (the two-legged kind). So, we get a lot of photo cards. Pictures of adorable kids, dressed in holiday finery, posed perfectly for the camera. Then you have the family group shots, where they are all dressed similarly, or at least they are color coordinated. And because dad had to be in the shot, the dress is casual.

My favorite shot this year is from our friends Adam and Kathy's son Simon. He looks like a child model. It helps when mommy is a photographer, but WOW! Check out that little bum!

No one has totally embarrassed themselves... yet. No one dressed up like the Grinch or an entire family in reindeer antlers, but it's bound to happen. There's still a couple of days left until the 25th. I'm sure they will all get a laugh out of the e-card they will get from our family on Christmas, which will include complete and total greyhound degradation. I'm just not sure what pose to go for. I continue to take lots of shots every day because I can't get the light right inside the house. I hope Santa isn't a greyhound. I'm sure he would think I've been very naughty forcing GBD to dress up like a deer and an elf (not to mention the naked photos people across the world will soon be hanging on their walls). Don't worry, she got plenty of treats in the process. Not like she helped clean the house or anything.

Oh, in the good news category. Charlotte was adopted this weekend by a nice family in Atlanta who recently lost one of their greyhounds. They have experience with shy pups and she will have a new greyhound brother to play with. It sounds like a perfect fit and I know she will be very happy. Merry Christmas, Charlotte. I'm so glad you will have a forever family of your own this Christmas. We will have a new foster in our house the week of January 5!


pattysea said...

Seka must have the patients of Job!
Great news about Charlotte, seems it is a Merry Christmas for All.

IHateToast said...

great photos. crack, humiliation, pleading. it's all there.