Sunday, November 4, 2007

Steeplechase 2007 - We're Faster than the Horses, but We Didn't Embarass Them

Greyhounds are the second fastest land mammal, behind the cheetah. I believe that they may also be the most magnetic as well. After walking the girls though the thousands of people tailgating in the infield at the 2007 Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens this weekend, it was certainly obvious that there must be some excessive gravitational pull associated with their DNA, genes, or molecular structure, as everyone we passed had to make a comment, ask us a question or stop us to pet them.

We were Steeplechase virgins. The SEGA folks have been going for years, showing off our former racers to the thousands of race fans that are there to take in the long day of sunshine, obscenely large brimmed women's hats and a lot of adult beverages. It's like a mini-derby in Georgia where the upper crust and crumbs can both enjoy the day. SEGA sets up a tent with information on adopting retired racers, set up a few ex-pens with our dogs lounging in the sun and of course have a spread of food for us to consume, along with a few adult beverages. We really draw quite a crowd (I'm convinced it's in their molecular structure. No other dog draws this kind of attention) and I'm sure that we will adopt at least two, if not more dogs from our Steeplechase meet-n-greet.

Here are the best questions asked during the day in no particular order:

1. Are those dobermans? No Do they have doberman in them? No, they are greyhounds. Are you sure, because they really look like dobermans, especially that one. No, we're sure.

2. Aren't all greyhounds gray? We had two fawn, two brindle, and two black ones there, all clearly labeled greyhounds.

3. That's got to be a lurcher. No, but that's an impressive statement to make, considering I have no idea what one looks like in person.

4. I bet they run all the time. I wouldn't be able to exercise them enough if I had one. If you only knew how I have to beg sometimes for Seka to get up off the sofa.

5. I'd love to have a greyhound puppy. Uh, I don't think I'd survive a greyhound puppy. But maybe I'm wrong and you'd love to have your entire house redecorated by the Tasmanian Devil.

Seka completely enjoyed the day, getting more love and attention from complete strangers than she ever has in her entire life. Charlotte wasn't so sure what the heck was going on and stuck close to mom and dad most of the day, but she carefully selected a few people to meet and greet and they got to give her love. The chosen few, so to speak.

She's become incredibly nervous in the car and we've noticed a lot of drooling and significant nose dripping, not to mention some super smelly emissions coming from her when we're in the car. This is a new thing and she did it again today when she went to grandma's house today for a visit. I'm going to start giving her Rescue Remedy before each trip and see if that won't cure some of the nerves before making a trip to the vet for something a little more substantial. I'm afraid by the time we get to North Carolina in a couple of weeks the girls will be swimming in the back seat of the Honda.


pattysea said...

What a fabulous day!!!!
Thanks for sharing. I hope Charlotte settles in, as time goes on. Seka seems very confident and self assured. Kevin must tell her that she's better than everybody else, as his Mom did with him.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'crust and crumbs'!!!

IHateToast said...

they don't look like dobermans. no more than a lab looks like a retriever.

sounds like a great time. i love those silly questions. they make great posts.

wonderful photos, too.