Monday, November 19, 2007

GreytBlack Utopia

Have you ever noticed that different areas of the country lend itself to different breeds of dogs? When you're on the coast you see a lot of labs and other types of "water loving" dogs enjoying a romp in the surf. While I was in NYC on business this past week, everywhere I turned there were small dogs of every shape and size. And during our long weekend stay in one of my favorite places in the world, there are a lot of what I call "mountain" dogs - huskies, GSDs, blue tick hounds, bird dogs, etc.

It made me start thinking, where do greyhounds fit into this stereotypical map of dogs? I guess somewhere warm is a start. Just imagine a location where you can walk down the street and pass other greyhound owners walking their pride and joy. Where you can talk about a greyhound's special qualities and not answer silly questions about the breed. Where all the designer dog stores in the town had a bigger selection of martingale collars and snoods than tiny little coats and sweaters. The dog park would have flat open spaces, safe for running and playing, with a sandy under surface that is easy on greyhound paws. Then in the center of the park there would be a mini track for fun runs - no starting box of course. Of course there would be a sign on the front gate, Dogs 30mph and Over Only Please.

While it would be fantastic to have other greyhound lovers all in such close proximity, I kind of like being different. I like standing out. I like the attention Seka gets when we're out walking or go through a drive through. I like that she's not like all the other dogs people see day in and day out. I think Seka likes it too. So I guess greyhound utopia isn't for us.

BTW: Here's Seka's contribution to NoPoYoDoToMo. Not sure that Omo will be impressed. Seka is not really proud of her bum, however from this angle it looks like she has plenty of junk in her trunk. She's wearing her new snood in this photo, which she rocked all weekend in NC. This picture just cracks me up the more I look at it.


pattysea said...

Sure is a beautiful picture of Seka; she has a great face. Not so much the bum, but her face is perfect!!! No wonder you love Boone, it looks fabulous!!!!

IHateToast said...

omo very much digs the bums with complete fur coverage. makes them look younger. he's a bit ageist.

and the way the fur flows, it's like a sleepy elephant.