Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just Call Me Gummy

Kev's family has what I call a "bad tooth gene." Root canals and the like are a part of dental visits for his family. I asked my dentist about this trend, fearing that this was something I had to look forward to as I got older. He assured me that some people are genetically disposed to such tooth drama. I am one of the lucky ones who can skip a few cleanings and the world doesn't end. While my family has horrible hearts and bad circulation - I got good teeth so I can smile while I have a heart attack.

Roxy has the bad tooth gene. No matter how hard we try to keep them clean, they just end up rotten. So when she went on a hunger strike last week I knew I had put her dental off too long. She ended up losing 5 teeth! And when I say losing, I mean Dr Hottie Sr said they basically fell out. I wonder if there should have been a discount?

Now poor pitiful Roxy is milking the fact her mouth hurts. She will eat, but only if hand fed. And handing her raw chicken gizzards one-by-one at 5:30a isn't fun. I figure I can indulge her for at least one day or at least while her little mouth is swollen. I will draw the line at pre-chewing her food for her like Alicia Silverstone.


Those Brindle Kids said...

Awwww . . . poor girl. Hope her little mouth feels better quickly!

gyeong said...

We soaked Stanley's food till it was soft for 10 days after his dental. Does her breath smell better now? Since Stan likes to sleep in bed with his head next to mine, it makes a hug difference :)

Trina said...

Poor Roxy! Dante had a dental last week too..only he was running around like nothing happened within hours. Tough breed..or stubborn..not sure which. I hope roxy is feeling better now!