Thursday, January 19, 2012

May the Force Be With Roo

I will save my excitement for the Super Bowl until after Sunday when the Patriots (fingers crossed) are officially in the game. Until then, many companies are sneaking previews of some of their Super Bowl commercials on You Tube. Today, I saw VW's, The Bark Side

Being an owner of two dogs who really don't bark - not even group roos - the barking was a bit annoying to me. But please wait until the end for the cherry on top!

I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what this has to do with VW, other than they probably paid out the nose for Star Wars rights three years ago and have to use it even if they don't want to. And I will admit that I didn't catch on that they were barking the Stormtrooper Theme until the video was playing in the background as I typed this post. But that last little bark at the end and the schnauzer dressed like an Ewok totally makes this worth the one minute watch.


gyeong said...

I think I know what the big Halloween costume for greyhounds is going to be this year :)

Trina said...

Such a cute commercial. My house vibrates to group roos often..but I have never gotten them to be musical about may not have anything to do with VW but think of all the people who have watched it..great advertisement!

Gracie May said...

There is an r2d2 greyhound in the video.