Friday, July 22, 2011

Lookout! Dogs on the Diamond.

I love minor league baseball. I love the silly promotions. I love watching guys playing the game just hoping they make an impression. I love Thirsty Thursdays (2-for-1 drink night at most minor league parks).

So when the Chattanooga Lookouts hosted Dogs on the Diamond night last week, we knew the girls had to make an appearance.

We made donations.

We made friends.

We made an impression.

Yes, she is standing on the table. 
We made a mess.

And we made the local news and I have no idea why the sound didn't record. We still look cute all the same, so just for fun, you can do your own voiceover script!


Hiking Hounds said...

That would be so fun! You girls do look super cute!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Now I'd actually bring a couple of dogs to dog night if the Rome Braves hosted one. Love that cute, little minor league stadium.

pattysea said...

Gee Whiz, even my granddogs are baseball fans!!

gyeong said...

You guys are local celebrities now. Not much for baseball, but throw in 2 for 1 brewskis, and I get to take the kids with me? Count me in.

houndstooth said...

Our Bark in the Park is August 13 and I'm really hoping for decent weather so we can go. It looks like you guys had a great time!

Dan said...

I saw my girlfriend! Roxy girl. Remember me carrying her through the prison when she hurt her toe?

Angela said...

Wow - that is very cool that you made the news! Even if we couldn't hear what was said :)

Sistertex said...

Superstars!!! Out there representing ghs everywhere. I agree....what beauties!!

Come on over and say Hi to Renner and Mandy!!

IHateToast said...

Roxy must get involved. She's not there to just see and be seen; she's into the game.