Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Skinny

It's an old wives' tale that Southern women have the best skin of anyone in the U.S. With fewer wrinkles and better texture than our Northern counterparts, us Belles chalk up our flawless complexions to the excessive humidity and our tendency to wear more make up (which has SPF) than most women on this planet.

I don't think the same is true for Southern greyhounds. Spring, summer and fall in our house we fight a daily fight to keep skin allergies at bay. Unfortunately, Roxy has had a horrible allergy season so far and there's no end in sight.

It started with big puss bumps on her stomach as the grass started to grow. They were red and angry, but were easy to manage with regular cleaning. They didn't hurt her and I never caught her licking them. Next came the excessive chewing of the rump. We tried benadryl, some prescription antihistamines and medicated shampoos and it only provided limited relief.

Currently we are in the peeling stage. This picture isn't great as she is very embarrassed about her condition and prefers for me not to document it for the world to see, but I'm the one with opposable thumbs so I win. Her tummy is in a chronic peeling stage. After two weeks of antibiotics and some topical stuff, it still isn't much better - although the itching is less frequent.

I'm hoping after we're on the upswing with her skin. Maybe she needs to wear more sunscreen? Seka just thinks Roxy is after more attention. Whatever the reason, her skin isn't Georgia peach-perfect.


Terri said...

oh, poor little girl. Greyt big hugs that she find some relief soon.

pattysea said...

Geeeeez, looks so uncomfortable!!
Can't your vet, Dr. Hottie, come up with something. As a grandawgma,I hate to see this.
On a different note, Pops and I were on our usual coastal trail walk when a pale yellow(almost white) golden retriever came up to us and wanted to be loved. Her name? Roxy!!! When her Mom told us her name, we couldn't believe it. Karma

houndstooth said...

Aww! Poor baby! That looks really uncomfortable. Do you know what she's allergic to?

gyeong said...

Allergies suck, for dogs and people!

IHateToast said...

You had me at puss bumps.