Thursday, June 17, 2010

Face Time

Everyone has seen pictures of a little kid on their first birthday with cake and icing all over their face. I'm sure tucked away in your mom's dresser drawer, there's probably a similar picture of yourself. This seems to be some sort of messy right of passage for every kid. I know these pictures exist of me somewhere, I guess the difference is I was 8.

I guess Seka realized I don't have pictures of her caught with frosting on her face, so she settled for the next best thing - yogurt. I've become diligent with her supplements, as her arthritis in her three-toed foot has become very obvious. I really would rather stick to doing as much natural treatment as I can, before we turn to prescription medication.

So each day I mix her glucosamine, MSM, and yucca extract, in a tablespoon (or two) of yogurt. I use this as a mid-day treat for the girls, served up in a small Gladware cup. Seka is pretty good about manipulating anything with her mouth. She can pick up just about any cup, glass, container, bone or kong - as long as it has food in it. She prefers to take the whole container and settle in on her bed to clean it out.

How she accomplished getting this yogurt to settled down in the dimple of her needle nose, I will never know. Maybe she was just enhancing her white flame on her nose. Maybe she was saving some for later. Whatever the reason, she kept that yogurt neatly in the groove of her nose without spilling a drop.

Clean up for Seka was a lot easier than a kid's first birthday cake and ice cream face. I went to a first birthday party one time where the mom had to suck the frosting out of the kid's nose with one of those gross ball sucker things. Needless to say, I passed on the cake and ice cream after seeing that.


gyeong said...

I vote for saving it for later. There is nothing like that surprise treat you forgot about :)

houndstooth said...

I hear that it's even better after a few hours on the nose! Plus, it's good for your complexion!

Trina said...

Poor aren't going to pull these out when she is on a date like my mom did with my naked tub photos, are you?

Sara said...

Just found your blog - LOVE the illustration at the top. (I'm sure there's another name for it). I also have a black grey so was of course drawn to your blog :)