Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Art Therapy

It's spring break and I'm on vacation at the beach. Yes, the weather is good. Yes, I'm getting a tan. Yes, I've had a massage. Yes, I've had awesome meals. Yes, I've slept late. Yes, I've had drinks with umbrellas in them.

So, why am I a little blue? I miss my girls.

It sucks that people can take screaming, crying, cracker crumb spreading, children to stay in hotel rooms, not to mention fine dining establishments, but when it comes to pets it is total drama to find a place that will take a dog over 15 pounds, much less two of them. So my girls are staying at a fabulous place about two hours away from us that is for Greyhounds only, of which I will write more about later this week. But for tonight, I thought I'd share the make-shift art therapy session that I used to help me get over the hump of missing my babies.

These artistic creations were crafted on BeFunky. It's a free service that allows you to upload your own pictures and apply various filters to the piece to create a funky, fresh piece of art. It was a lot of fun trying out all of the options. I used a wicked old photo of Seka showing off her pearly whites and applied the Warhol filter. And since Roxy is such a character, I used one of the cartoon filters on one of the very first pictures I ever took of her.

So, until the day the world wises up and realizes that dogs are less likely to destroy a hotel room, vomit on the floor, wipe poop on the walls, and cause less noise than an 18 month old child, I'll have to learn how to comfort myself when we leave the girls for an extended time.

Bartender, another hair of the dog please...


BrittBeah said...

Girl your making me want to go to the beach even faster (we're going at the end of the month). I hope you are having some fun.
I think you just need to adjust what beach you are going to! We are going to Jekyll Island and both my boys are going! The hotel only charges an additional $10 per animal, no size limits. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

KF-in-Georgia said...

It ain't the Ritz, but La Quinta is pet-friendly. My guys have stayed at one in Charleston, another in Augusta. And no extra charge for the dogs in the room.

IHateToast said...

you'd think that people would catch on to the $$ they'd make by allowing pets. very hard here. doesn't matter how much they weigh. the few B&Bs (no motels, don't ask) that do allow are never empty.

oh, and yes, we all think you're a little mean for telling us about your tan and cute drinks. sigh. enjoy!

gyeong said...

I think that enough people are treating their furkids as children, that we will soon reach critical mass and become more like Canada/Europe where dogs are allowed most anywhere.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I am the same way about vacations... Matt always wants to stay 5 days and I've had it about the 2 day, I'm ready to head back home to the animals! I told Matt on our 2nd to last summer vacation that I didn't care where we went, but that we were taking Spooky with us no matter what- sadly we never got to take that trip before she passed:-(