Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Us, We're Half Irish

St. Patrick's Day is an odd celebration to me. I totally understand that it is just an excuse to drink green beer and act foolish. We quietly celebrate this day with a bowl of Lucky Charms and maybe wearing some green socks to work. Maybe if I were Catholic and went to CCD I'd get it.

Kev is half Irish, but he doesn't drink beer or whiskey. I'm sure it's just a stereotype, although my girlfriend's brother was working in Ireland last week and was in a town that had a population of 140, with 7 pubs. Maybe it's not.

Seka likes to drink beer, though. I've heard rumors that they give winners beer right after races to encourage them to "go" so they can perform the mandatory illegal substance tests. Certainly, Seka never acquired a taste for a celebratory toast, but she does find her way to a beer bottle if one is in the house so she can sneak a swig. Roxy on the other hand isn't all that interested. So maybe our pack is half Irish as well.

Maybe the half that Kevin got was the part that eats black pudding or can sheer a sheep. That doesn't apply either. If it looks strange, he's not going to eat it and I'm afraid he can't tell the difference in a goat and a sheep. However, the girls pick up the slack here as well. After switching to raw they eat sweet breads, livers, tripe and all other types of organs. I'm sure that all goes into black pudding in some shape form or fashion.

I'm all English on my side of the family. My ancestors came over on a boat and settled the mountains of North Carolina. There are books written about how they were some of the first families in the Valley of the Globe. But I must have had some Irish influence in our family, as my sister and I are both buck and wing cloggers - which is the mountain version of Irish step dancing. Think River Dance without the annoying flute music and replace it with Ricky Skaggs. So I bring a little flavor to the table.

So, happy St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate it in whatever way you see fit. I think my girls hope that I never see fit to dress them like this ever again.


Jan said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your sweet greyhound girls!

Zan said...

Aww...tell the girls they are adorable in their Irish get ups!!! Happy St Patrick's Day.

Amy said...

The girls are beautiful, as always! And, you are hilarious, as always!

megan said...

They look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.....green tripe! That's not being Irish, that's just having good taste!! :)

Trina said...

too cute! My dogs hate when I put their St. Patty's day stuff on them. Cali is 100% Irish on both sides AND born on St. Patrick's Day.

IHateToast said...

black pudding?! that stuff is nasty.

your beeches are looking mighty fine, though. if you're english, you should go and oppress that other half of your hubby.