Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Did You Just Say?

My husband's nickname for me is Dr. Dolittle. I guess it's not a shock to anyone that knows me since I've been told that I have a way with animals ever since I was very young. Maybe that's true, although I don't know what it is about me that animals like. Maybe I smell like liver treats.

I don't think I'm any different than most people who like animals. Most cats and dogs hang out with me when we visit friends. I just think it's because I'd rather pet them than play with the babies in the room.

But until I got my horse, I didn't understand the importance of having a talent with animals. Large animals are different. They require patience, trust and an understanding that is lifesaving for the person working with the animal, and life changing for the animal itself. Those skills don't just apply to training a horse. Every day farm work like taking care of baby goats, building trust with a milk cow, and even showing the chickens respect as you gather eggs is important in creating harmony on a working farm. I enjoy my days at the farm and to be honest, I love the farm chores more than riding my horse sometimes because of the interaction I have with all the different animals. The owners of the farm actually entrust me with some of their most difficult animals because of the way they react to me. Again, I must smell like apples or something.

So when the opportunity arose for me to take an intuitive animal communication class with a published and proven intuitive animal communicator, I jumped at the chance. Am I sure that I can have an actual conversation with one of my cats? I'm not sure yet. Do I think I can draw on my own energy and intuition and the animal's energy to make a more profound connection? I absolutely do.

I think that some people are more in tune with their own energy source. For those of you who practice yoga or meditate, you may be familiar with the concept of Chakras. I've got a lot to learn about energy sources and releasing energy into the universe. I'm wound pretty tightly these days. So as my classes progress and I learn to become more connected with my own energy and the energy of animals, I will keep my readers updated with my progress. If nothing else, I know I will learn something about myself during this process.

And who knows, maybe one of my girls will tell me I do smell like meat - and I'm not sure that's a bad thing.


Zan said...

Cool!! Please be sure to let us know your progress. I've never spoken to an animal communicator, or should I say tried to speak to one of my critters through one, but have considered it many times.

IHateToast said...

you definitely don't smell like meat.

when you are done with the course, tell me how to tell tamale not to come into the bathroom when i'm reading in the tub. i know she's just going back to omo to gossip about my flabby bits.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I knew someone once who could do it, but she did not trust reading her own animals because its hard to be objective, but she did really well with my greyhound Jessie.


Michelle said...

That's super cool! Post your updates! I've also had lots of people tell me I seem to "get" animals in a way most people don't. Whenever one of our dogs is following him around, my boyfriend usually asks me what they want. And most of the time I'm right.

gyeong said...

Can you communicate long distance? Wondering what my kids think of their cushy lives. Smell like meat? Didn't Burger King sell a cologne that smell like flame-broiled burger?

Bethanie and Chris said...

Interesting, you definitely should update us. I believe that animals communicate much better than the average persons thinks. We just have to learn how to understand them. We watched a show about simple things such as how the tail is wagging, direction, speed etc all are communication signs.

BTW, pretty kitty cat.

alex said...

Please let us know of your progress! I will get in line for you to "talk" to Pepsi and tell her to chill!!!!