Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm It

I stunk at freeze tag when I was in elementary school. I might have been the tallest girl in class, but I was also the clumsiest. My long legs and big feet always got in the way. What can you expect from a girl who wore a size 9 shoe in the fourth grade?

I much prefer this form of blogger tag, as Scott and Katy both tagged me for photo sharing game where we are to post the sixth picture in our sixth picture file on our computer. So according those specs and iPhoto, you are looking at a photo taken on my Palm Trio on November 7, 2006 as the GreytBlackDog snoozed the evening away with the ruler of our house, Sam - aka the Peep-a-Nator.

It really isn't shocking that the random picture had an animal in it. It shouldn't be a shock to many of you that 97% of the photos in my file have animals in them of some species.

Now, it's my turn to do the tagging.

Patti, Jen, Britt, Denise, Maria, & Zan - post the sixth photo from your sixth photo file on your computer and tell us all about it. Maybe one of you won't be as predictable as I am.


thebellagreyhound said...

i hear your pain - I wa so clumsy i needed to have pillows strapped to me ; )

Jen S. said...

Sam looks exactly like Mal, a cat I used to live with! He had more personality than any cat I've ever known. RIP, sweet Mal. I'm sorry your tail got burned by the candle that one time.

gyeong said...

I justified to my wife when I got my dSLR that I would take mostly photos of greyhounds with the camera. I think I'm at about 97% animal photos too. I think it might be time for me to stop and smell the flowers (and take pictures of them too).

IHateToast said...

did you have that rule that you had to crawl between the legs to unfreeze? i was little and not clumsy. i was impatient. i stood up before i cleared and knocked the frozen down.

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Ahh the dreaded tag. I got nailed last week and forced myself to grab the real 5th/5th, and ended up with a bird pic on my dog blog. At least you had a pooch pic!

Amy said...

People laugh when I run... it's awful!