Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I was eight years old when the movie Gremlins was released. For weeks prior to the opening night of the movie I cuddled with my fluffy Gizmo at bedtime and enjoyed my books on record (which came in my Hardee's kids meals) on my Fisher Price record player. I couldn't wait to see this film. Well, 1984 suddenly became the year of sleepless nights for my family thanks to my night terrors which ensued after seeing this horror movie which was so keenly marketed to children. To this day I cannot watch this film without having a bad dream.

It got me thinking the other night about my girl's dreams. If your greyhounds are like mine, they are vocal dreamers. When they are dreaming there are little yips and barks that creep out of their bared teeth. Their ears flick up and down. Their legs twitch. Their tails wag. Their eyes roll around inside their heads (See Seka's demon look to the right). Upon occasion, their dreams have awaken me from a dead sleep.

I always assumed that my pups had only good dreams. That all those dreamy barks came from their visions of chasing bunnies through fields of clover on a sunny day. I suddenly realize that this may not be the case. Seka could easily be dreaming of me trimming her toenails. Roxy could be reliving whatever it was that makes her do that submissive thing she does. I can only hope that all the wonderful and fun things that I do with my girls day in and day out provide more good dreams than bad.

The first step in having sweet dreams is being warm and snuggly. Most of the time, Seka sleeps bed with us. But Roxy sleeps on her bed in the floor and we keep it a bit cool in our house. I ordered little miss skinny mini a pair of four-legged jammies from Pam at Cozy Coats and More. These arrived in the mail today and I immediately put them on our tiny girl for a fashion show. Roxy was a flash of pink as she celebrated her new found warmth with a speedy lap around the backyard. Like a little kid in a new favorite outfit, she won't let me take them off of her. Seka keeps looking at Roxy as she prances around the house with mixed emotions - a tad bit jealous and a tad bit happy that she isn't wearing them.

While Gremlins is forever banned within 500 feet of my personal space, I am going to have to assume that the girls' dreams so far have been good. There's not been any jumping up and screaming in the middle of their naps. Running into my arms in a blind fit of terror in search of protection from the imaginary creature lurking in the room. Nor have they flat out refused to go to bed in fear of what they may find behind their eyelids. Unless the bunny in their dreams turns around and begins to chase them, I think we should be okay.


Trina said...

For me it was ET. I was so excited and couldn't wait for that movie. Then didn't sleep for months for sure a slimy creature with sausage link fingers was waiting amongst my stuffed animals.

Patti said...

Ah, the jammies arrived!! Does Seka not have her own to wear? We can definitely have a real pajama party next time you guys come up. We (and the girls) can hang out until midnight eating junk food and telling stories!! They'd have so much fun!!

PS - love your revamped "look".

Zan said...

I'm going to date myself, but for me it was the Wizard of Oz. When I was growing up, it came on once a year and was a big event. It scared me to death though.

I hate thinking that sweet Rosie or Nick might be dreaming that they are being chased by flying monkeys. I hope that in their dreams they are in hot pursuit of bunnies (both real and plastic) across a grassy field on a cool, sunny day.

Zan said...

Forgot to add, I really like your new look:-)!

pattysea said...

Okay, where's Seka's new jammies?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Zan on the Wizard of Oz thing. Still can't watch the movie!

Roxie looks so warm and fuzzy in her new jimjams. Seka is going to be jealous somewhere around early January.


Angel said...

Those lady bug pjs are seriously cute.

I love your new masthead, by the way.

Amy said...

Love the new look and logo, Heather! And I love the jammies :) Amber will be so jealous - I'm not going to show her until I can order her some.

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Terri said...

very cute pjs! Sabrina sleeps with us, so gets snuggled in between us and stays warm. Apollo sleeps on the spare bed and is quite a bit warmer than Sabrina, so no pjs here.

They both dream as you described, yipping, teeth baring, ear flipping, legs running and tail flapping. I always assumed they were chasing bunnies! I hope so. Although there have been a couple of times Apollo has howled forlornly in his sleep. Poor boy!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

well my parents took me to see poltergeist when I was 5, FIVE years old! WTH were they thinking, lol. I was wrecked for years and don't trust clowns sitting in rocking chairs or trees by windows.
Um, those jammies are cute (snicker, snicker) :-)