Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love & Marriage

When Kev and I got married eight years ago this month I was the first of all my girlfriends to tie the knot while Kev was the first of all of his guy friends to do the same. It seems within the last year, the rest of the stragglers have finally decided to take the plunge and we've been on a nationwide wedding tour ever since.
There was the Jewish/Catholic wedding officiated by both a priest and rabbi. There was the wedding where the bride decided to play a Shaina Twain song during the ceremony, but I don't think she or her husband realized how long a four minute song could be when all you were supposed to do was look deeply into each others eyes. Then there was the wedding where the
preacher announced to the 350 people in attendance that the couple were at the alter both "sexually pure." Nice.
But so far, no one has used their animals in their wedding. No horses. No dogs. No parrots. No
cats. No guinea pigs. Now there were a few who had some groomsmen who might have passed as some sort wild animal with their behavior, but no furry friendly attendants. It's a bit disappointing.

This past week Kev and I had two weddings to attend in one week. My little sister got married on Sunday, September 28 to a great guy, which in my husband's book equates to a true Red Sox fan. Check out the amazing pics on my cousin's blog if you're the type that love awesome
wedding photography, no matter if you know the people or not. These are the type of pics that make you want to do your wedding all over again, just so you can have your pictures redone.

Seka and Roxy came along with us; however, there were no doggy members of the wedding party. We did have a doggie visitor the morning of the wedding and he left his own gift outside the bridal room. I guess all the bagels I was feeding him didn't agree with his stomach.

Wedding number two wasn't nearly as emotional. It was in south Boston and New
England in the fall is just beautiful. The cool weather and the leaves turning can really make a girl think that she might want to live there. And then she remembers the last four Christmas vacations she spent there snowed in and -35 degree wind chill, and realizes that was just a moment of craziness. We were able to spend quality time with Kev's family, and most importantly with our niece and nephew before the wedding on Saturday.

This ceremony was for a guy Kev grew up with, who is the youngest of four boys. It was a full Catholic mass, so lots of standing and sitting, then lots of wine with dinner at the reception. It was nice to catch up with friends who we usually see once a year at the holidays.

The girls didn't make the flight to Boston. I really can't imagine flying two greyhounds. I know it happens, but I just can't think about kenneling them
and having them loaded into the cargo hold of a plane without having them heavily sedated.

For the first time ever, we boarded our girls. They usually stay with friends or family, but it was Greyfest weekend and not really a great weekend for anyone to take on two extra dogs. So, I made the drive to an all greyhound boarding facility in Canton, Ga., called Too Many Hounds Inn. It was FABULOUS. The girls had so much fun and I truly believe they needed a week to recover from all the activities they did there. I mean at what other boarding facility do you have nature walks, stuffy hoarding contests, and playing dress up every day? Just check out a few pictures Kate sent home with us. I really didn't expect to get a picture of Roxy with a beret on when I picked her up, but she was just celebrating our family's french heritage I guess! It was totally worth the four hour drive round trip.

The next weddings on the docket are scheduled for May and June of 09. One in Georgia and another in Charlotte. Seka is available if anyone needs a black and white tuxedo dog to play ring bearer. She will do anything for marshmallows, which is more than I can say for any four year old I've ever seen in a tuxedo carrying a pillow down the aisle.

Teddy Update: No one has responded to my numerous calls about Teddy. No lost dog ads in the newspaper. No frantic calls to the vet offices. No panicked calls from the animal control office. No tearful reunions in sight. In a nutshell, no one wants Teddy - well except my mom. He has stolen her heart - well, I have to admit mine too. When I go to visit, I want to just put him in my purse like Paris Hilton does and take him with us when we shopping. He had a nasty case of kennel cough that's currently being treated. Who knows where that came from? So he's still sporting that impressive set of noogies. Those will be gone in two weeks after he's all clear of his illness and his shots are all in check.


Maria Peters said...

I have been wondering where you have been! I've really missed your blogs.

Many Hounds Inn is so totally worth the drive! Seka in a ball gown. Wow. Welcome back from your whirlwind tour. xo

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Ya know before Matt and I backed out of a farm wedding bc it involved too much planning we were totally going to have Limo and Lester in it! Lester has done a few Weddings and it's a nice touch to the pics!
Missed you at GreyFest!

Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your excellent blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Could you please return the favor at:



Maria Peters said...

BTW, happy anniversary.

Checked out sis' pics. Gorgeous. The one with the bouquet, with the small framed pic of your Dad tucked in made me misty. What a thoughtful touch.

greytblackdog said...

thanks maria. i bought those lockets when i got married 8 years ago. my mom and sister wore theirs in my ceremony and i had mine sewn into my dress. for my sister's wedding the florist tied them into all of our flowers, which i loved. now we take those lockets with us on special occasions. it's a nice physical thing to have, even though we know he's there with us.

IHateToast said...

after the 09 ones, you need to make a black concert t-shirt for the wedding tour. cities on the back with names as stadium venues.

seka looks good in fluff.
hope her leg gets better. update us on that.

as for teddy... i don't usually approve of pets as pressies, but your mom already loves him and wants him. maybe for the holidays you can decorate him as a present. he'll be well by then. he'd be your step dog.

Amy said...

Heather, you are hilarious! I needed a laugh tonight, and you brought one out of me :)
I love the picture of Seka in the pink bridesmaid dress - what a wonderful place to take the girls! I did collect a few brochures at Greyfest about Many Hounds, though I know Amber prefers Camp Coulombe.

Zan said...

Wow - you've been busy!! I checked out the pics from your sister's wedding. They are beautiful; your cousin is talented. Enjoy the whirlwind of going to all your friends' weddings.

Glad Roxy and Seka enjoyed their visit to Many Hounds Inn. I have a hard time prying Rosie away from Camp Kate!

pattysea said...

I had to add my two cents. I had a wonderful visit with my daughter-in-law, Heather, while she and Kevin were in Massachusetts. We had an opportunity to ditch the guys (our husbands)and have some girl time. Their visits are always too short; their leaving is always difficult for me. This one was particularly difficult; BUT,I remind myself how happy my son is married to Heather. It makes the distance manageable.

Trina said...

I went through a 'wedding summer' a few years back. they do come in clusters don't they. All my friends are having babies now..I used to complain about weddings..until I started getting invited to baby showers.