Friday, April 11, 2008

Shave and a Hair Cut

Kev made the decision at 15 to have lightening bolts shaved into both sides of his head. Awesome. Well, at least he thought so. The mother of the girl he took to the Junior prom probably didn't think it was quite so great. Thank goodness the shazam look is out of fashion, or is it?

Seka came home yesterday with her own take on her father's former fashion forward hairstyle. She was bright and happy to see us when the vet tech brought her out. From one side she looks completely normal and then from the other it looks like a sniper snagged her from 75 feet. It's almost as if she is wearing some sort of sick Halloween costume that drips goo and isn't very comfortable.

Just as with Kev's bad haircut, her fur will grow back and I'm sure it will cover over the spot where it will surely scar. Good thing she has a great coat and can grow hair like no other black greyhound I've ever seen. The thing I was most concerned about was her ear. I know it is superficial, but I loved the way her ears stood up. It was one of her defining characteristics and I was a bit heartbroken to think that there was a possibility that she wouldn't be able to perk them both up due to her injury. But thanks to Dr. Balkcom's handy work with the needle and thread, her ear is standing up beautifully. In fact, when she saw us in the exam room, both of her ears went right up.

The welcome home celebration was adorable. I'm mad I wasn't prepared with the camera to catch it all on tape. Seka ran down stairs to Roxy, who was whining and crying in her crate, and stuck her nose through the bars. They licked each other's noses until I let Roxy out. They were really happy to see each other. A couple of celebratory laps in the backyard by Roxy (Seka, followed in a trot) and then it was back inside for some cuddling together for the rest of the evening. Roxy hasn't let Seka out of her sight since she's been home.

So we're getting into a treatment routine around here, which I don't mind. I wish I had gone to vet school anyway (damn all that math). Flushing 2x a day, warm compresses 4x a day, antibiotics 2x a day and pain meds 1x a day. All of this at least for the next week. We wanted to go to the greyhound picnic tomorrow at Stone Mountain, but Seka can't wear a collar, so I don't think we can go. Bummer. We'll have to have our own picnic out back if the weather holds out. We have plenty to celebrate this weekend.

Now I have to go and hide the clippers from Kev so he doesn't try to make Seka feel better about her own haircut by reliving his teenage hair faux pas.


gyeong said...

That looks very similar to Jaime's neck wound. We ended up putting a harness on her when we went out, b/c she hates being left behind. I'm sure GBD is glad to be back home. Heal up quickly.

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Bethanie & Chris said...

Get better soon!
Love, Baron & Maggie, your (internet doggie friends)

Anonymous said...

the cheesy lightening bolts! yesss!

very classy. aren't you glad you have ammo? could have been a mullet.

seka looks like she has a monster hickie. a hickie from kenicke. the poor thing. not feeling like such a badass now, is she. aw.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

YIKES, that's quite a bite! The Never Say Never Greyhounds hope that she heals quickly.


Maria said...

A very light hug to a schweet schweet girl! What a home coming! You know, it happens that way with two legged kids too. You think you're home free and kapowie...or "psyche" LOL. You are taking such good care of her, and it was fun to read how she and Roxy have bonded.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Ewwww! and you need to give some warning lables for us squeemish folk :-o **Caution** Gross pics ahead or something ;-) jk, I only faint at the real stuff.

When Lester had to have his belly shaved I told the vet student to make it look pretty....

And wah, no pic of Kev's do back then?

pattysea said...

HOW AWFUL!!!! Just got the update from Kevin via the phone. Sure does bring back memories of the
SHAZAM!!! Lightening Bolts carved out in his hair. The haircut really never bothered me; I always encouraged Kevin to be different. AND, my Mom (Kevin's grandmother) told me to pick my battles; not everything has to be a war.
BACK to Seka ... Being home with her sister and some TLC from Mom and Dad will hasten her recovery.
I applaud you, Heather, on your nursing skills. Keep up the good work and continue updates on little Seka's progress.